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  Advantages of Powder Coating  

Powder coating is harder, tougher and more durable than conventional paint.
Thicker, smooth, texture-free surfaces with no running or sagging, can be acheived with powder coating.
A wide range of special effects and custom finishes can easily be achieved with powder-coating.
Powder coated items produce a better effect between horizontal and vertical coated surfaces.
Powder coating does not require a solvent and is also the most environmentally friendly painting process available.

  Examples of items that we powder-coat  

Underground pipes, aluminium extrusions, industrial equipment, motorcycle parts & frames, custom cars, car parts, vehicle chassis, trailers, bicycle frames & parts, garden & patio furniture, railings, gates, fencing, shelving & frames, furniture, appliances, antiques.

  Sandblasting process  

Sandblasting is done on our premises and is carried out with a jet of sand driven by compressed air.
This is done on all types of metal eg. mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, and removes all paint, powder-coating, rust etc., leaving an absolutely clean surface that is excellent for our powder coating finishes to adhere to.
The new coating is evenly applied in a powder form and then baked, resulting in a hard, smooth, paint-like finish that will bend with the metal if dented or struck.

Powder coating is tough and durable
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